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My name is Marisa.
Here is a list of things that i like:
nature, reggae, my dog, pretty skies, weed, raves, my bed, trees, making people feel good, piercings, and tapestries
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Find someone who understands your silence.


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our universe is always planting me into a state of awe.
everything is so unbelievably beautiful 

Tripping on lsd in my bathroom and got to truly take note of how many years I wasted away hating and self destructing my body. Not only was this unkind to my physical self, but it was just as unhealthy mentally. During my trip, I was content staring at my body in the mirror. Not because I feel fit or think I look hot, but because after only a month of practicing bikram and fueling my body with proper nutrition and detoxifying with water daily, I feel proud of where I am, right now, with my body progress. Because despite its look, it’s really just a temporary home for my soul. And my soul..That I do like. The trip definitely opened up a new perspective that to love my body or anything else for that matter, I need to consistently act on it, despite the negative thoughts that arise at the time

“Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.”

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